Emerge of Pakistan's Live Chatroom

Wait! Wait! Wait!. "What is this?","What is Pakistan's Live Chatroom #Dostii4ever?", "What is the advantage of Pakistan's Live Chatroom #Dostii4ever?" or "Why should I use it?". Has either of the question's bothered you when you come across #dostii4ever network? if so, then don't get worried about it. We are here to let you know what is the concept of #dostii4ever
#Dostii4ever is a universal platfrom designed and developed for all, to get entertained and enjoy their life. #Dostii4ever emerged as an online internet radio station with a name of #FMGhotala but later on changed its brand to #Dostii4ever



A real-time chatting application is placed for you at Pakistan's Live Chatroom Dostii4ever Network to meet and have friendship with people around the globe. We believe that If you want to have fun and enjoyment in your life. you only need a good, loving, caring and sharing friends with whom you can spend your spare time, not only spent time wile chatting but you get motivated and solution to your personal problems. #dostii4ever is not only an ordinary chatroom but it is a platform which provides you other services too. The other services which this platform provides you include a fantastic Internet based online Radio Station where our marvellous RJ's and Dj's get online to entertain you and play and shows as per your interests. We also provide you the service of reading via our Reading Panel. Our Reading Hub contains a number of novels and stories written by #dostii4ever's creative writers.



Radio Dostii4ever is Pakistan's one of the most demanding Online Radio Station. Radio Dostii4ever is not like ordinary chatroom radio station. Radio Dostii4ever is more like a brand rather than a radio widget placed on ordinary chatrooms.

How to Use

There is no such condition to get registered with the system. You have to follow three simple steps.

  1. Scroll down to the chatroom section
  2. Choose an awesome Nick ( We suggest; not to use your own name to keeep privacy )
  3. Press "Connect"
  4. Alas! you are in.


I want to register my nick?

Copy paste this one line command in the input area. Swap [your-password] with your password and [your-email] with your email address.
/msg nickserv register [your-password] [your-email]

My nickname is not recognised?

This happens when fortunately or unfortunately you enter a wrong passcode. You can identify yourself by copy pasting the below command and entering your password at [your-password]
/msg nickserv identify [your-password] or
/msg ns identify [your-password]

What is PM / DM?

The terms PM / DM can be abbreviated as Private Message / Direct Message. As you know the channel is more of a group chat rather than a one - to - one talk. Hence, The PM /DM facility is added so that you can have a one - to - one communication with whom you want.

What you may well be looking forward to is #Dostii4ever's!

#Dostii4ever's is an internet chatroom for individuals all over Pakistan where they can be associated with others as per their wish. They can communicate to individuals they as of now know and can also be companions with arbitrary individuals to pass time and chat.
#dostii4ever's may be a secure online platform for you to appreciate, because it does not store any data of its users. Not as it were this, but you'll too be a visitor for the time being and chat with anybody fair as a user would have done. In any case, we guarantee you merely will not stay a guest user for long, as this Pakistani chatroom is exceedingly addictive! Over a long time, individuals have fallen in love with it! One thing that's the preeminent need of us at #dostii4ever's is that we keep users fulfillment at its most noteworthy level. Being an internet chatroom for individuals all over the nation, we attempt to make a sense of brethren among all its clients. Usually what made us the leading and most well known Pakistani #dostii4ever's .


Spamming: Exchaging of personal contact numbers , email address , Spamming ( Taking any social networking or other chat network site names ) are strictly Prohibited or as penalty you will be kicked out.

Abuse : The other thing which will not be tolerated here is Abuse.Racial abuse, regional bias,discrimination or harassment is prohibited or else you may be banned without warning fro the channel forever.